Idea to MMP

Our Idea to Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) program is 3 months learning, mentoring and advisory program for idea stage or early stage founders.

Our Idea to MMP program is guided and focused on helping the founder and startup team navigate their journey from the moment they have the spark of an idea to the point where they have a minimum marketable product that their target customers are willing to pay for. 

Benefits of joining

  • receive insights and feedback regularly
  • avoid common pitfalls 
  • ensure you are solving a real problem
  • define and design your business architecture 
  • understand your value proposition 
  • choose the best route to market and positioning
  • get access to professional advice
  • gain clarity through one to one feedback on your ideas and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 

Joining this program is strictly by selection; founders will have to apply to be considered. If selected, startups joining our portfolio will access our Ideation sessions, as well as our highly effective mentoring and advisory program which will help them follow a guided path from Idea to Product. This is an equity release program.